Prestige - Wood burning stoves that deliver more comfort and full heat control


The new Lotus Prestige models combine stylish design with more comfort and precise heat control
The de-stressing, relaxing effect of looking at the flames and warming up in front of a wood burning stove is now getting yet another boost of comfort. The new Prestige Basic and Basic S models from the Danish manufacturer Lotus have now been launched with a range of new improvements that you will notice every time you fire up the stove.

Precise adjustment to the air flow controls the heat
One of the accepted challenges of being in charge of the fire is that it can start to burn so quickly that the room gets too hot – the stove is almost burning too efficiently, and can be difficult to damp down. Lotus has solved this problem by introducing Comfort Air Control, which comes as standard with the new models.
Having an air vent that can be adjusted to various positions makes it easy to regulate the air supply and obtain a highly consistent degree of warmth. The system’s great adjustability allows for the precise regulation of heat, alleviating the problem of stoking up the fire excessively, using too much firewood, and getting too hot. The lever on the air vent has been covered with a silicone grip to make it comfortable to handle, regardless of how hot the stove is.

Slimline and consummate design for modern living
On the design side, the Prestige models echo the slimline look for which Lotus is well-known. Everyday use of the stove has been made easier by introducing a new handle and the new Lotus Soft Close system, which ensures the door “locks” automatically when closed gently. The top panel has also been moulded into a new shape that completes the look of the wood burning stove. The stylish design perfectly complements modern tastes in interior design. It can even be accentuated by choosing a door for the otherwise-open wood storage compartment.
The new Lotus Prestige wood burning stoves are available in steel, soapstone and Indian Night.

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