Jubilee 25 - Stylish wood burning stove with exciting new features


New version of Lotus Jubilee 25 delivers even more reliability and combustion control
One of the most stylish and reliable wood burning stoves on the market has now been relaunched in a new, improved version. Danish manufacturer Lotus has given the new Jubilee 25 a slimmer, more elegant look, in keeping with contemporary interior design trends. Moreover, by retaining its capacity to burn pieces of wood up to 40 cm long, the stove continues to guarantee long-lasting, steady heat.
The fire is easily controlled using the Comfort Air Control system, which allows the air vent to be set to various positions. This makes the stove reliable and enables the heat to be adjusted to ensure a constant, comfortable temperature. Even when the stove is very hot, the air vent lever stays comfortable to handle thanks to its new silicone grip.

Beautiful flames and easy to use
One of the daily pleasures of lighting a fire is watching the flames, and the large glass window on the Jubilee 25 gives a clear view. The new version of the stove is also easier to open and use due to the larger, insulated handle and the new Soft Close system, which “locks” the door when it’s closed gently.
The combustion chamber in a Lotus wood burning stove features smart Clean Burn technology, delivering an extra-high combustion temperature and optimal utilisation of the wood. Additionally, the entire process is cleaner because the smoke gases are burnt off in the stove instead of being released.

Available in three finishes

The log compartment makes it easy to store enough wood to provide many hours of warmth. And for those who would like a sleeker look, there is the option of adding a door to the compartment. The new Jubilee 25 wood burning stove is available in steel, soapstone and Indian Night – all various shades of black.

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